Half term holiday
We wish you all a happy and relaxing holiday. Don’t forget inset day on the 4th June!

St Mary’s Flower Festival & 10k race
Please come and support the Flower Festival this weekend. There will be lots to see and do, including a display of the children’s work in Church. On Monday the 10k race takes place, why not come and cheer along the runners?

  ‘Wondering Question’
The question from this week’s Collective Worship is: ‘I wonder what language God would speak today?’

Please let a member of the ‘Friends’ know if you have any ideas for fund raising activities which you would like to see. Also if any parent works for a company which offers £4£ fundraising matching they would be grateful to hear from you.

Revised Lunch Menu – Summer Term
Please see the link for the new lunch menu. There are some minor revisions since this was first sent out. Please check before your child orders! This is also available from the ‘documents’ section of the website.
Menu Summer 2018

School Uniform
Just to remind parents that the full new school uniform can be ordered from www.schooltrends.co.uk. Ties can be purchased from the school office.
A reminder: all children need to wear full school uniform (including correct socks and shoes) and have PE kits in school (with hair tied back & earrings removed) on PE days.
As ever, could all items be clearly labelled with children’s names!

A polite request to all parents dropping off and collecting children by car. Please could we ask parents to be considerate to our neighbours and not block (or park on) driveways, preventing access to properties around the school. The school’s car park is for staff only.

Whole School Curriculum Documents:
EYFS Curriculum Map
Key Stage 1 Curriculum Map
Key Stage 2 Curriculum Map
Have a look at the Class pages to see how these overall plans relate to what your child is learning each term.

PTA&F News & Events:
Next meeting: tba
14th July Summer Event save the date!

Week ending:
11th May: Ezra, Olivia G, Madison, Grace H, Connie, Jessica M, Daisey, Isaac J, Ruby H, Sophia G, Pietrina, Grace S, Lewis, Jasmine, Izza, Ziya, Angelica, Dunya, Kian, Luca & Charlie L

18th May: Poppy M, Lincoln, Rosie, Isabella R, Oden, Kuzey, Scarlett P, Kirin, Anna, Isabella P, Zara, Summer, Fletcher A, Oliver R, Jessica B, Ava, Ruby H, Tyler, Stanley, Eadie, Mimi, Imogen, Scarlett S, Year 5 & Year 6



Sporting events for the coming term are listed below. Please note that after school matches will commence at 3.30pm unless otherwise specified. Football fixtures are noted (f), netball (n) or both football and netball (b). The home team is always listed first. Dates listed in green are tournaments during the school day, full details will be issued nearer the event.

Thursday 3rd May – 5th July Classes 3 & 4 Cricket Coaching
Tuesday 22nd May – Kwik Cricket Yrs 5 & 6 9:30 – 12:30 venue tba
Wednesday 6th June – Cricket Festival Howe Green Yrs 5 & 6
Thursday 21st June – KS2 Athletics 10am – 1pm Carver Barracks
Monday 25th June – Sports Day
Wednesday 27th June – Rounders Tournament Yrs 5 & 6 Howe Green
Thursday 5th July – Cricket Festival Yr 3 & 4 Stansted Cricket Club