Flying Pizza Company visit on Wednesday 26th November
We are all looking forward to watching the production of ‘The Hobbit’ this week.
The story, by Tolkein, forms the basis of our cross curricular activities this half term.

‘Wondering Question’
The question from this week’s Collective Worship is: ‘I wonder if you have ever seen God?’

St Mary’s Maths Challenge
Why not test yourself and see if you can solve the latest challenge?
Follow the link and have a go, once you have completed it hand your sheet in to Mrs Brennand. This link can also be found under the Newsletter Section of the website.
Hobbit riddles

Themed lunches
Don’t forget our themed lunch planned for this Wednesday:
26th November – Bilbo Baggin’s Farewell Feast

Christmas Concert Dates
We can now confirm that the dates and times for the concerts will be:
Tuesday 9th December – 10am
Wednesday 10th December – 6pm
Thursday 11th December – 6pm


For the week ending
21st Nov 2014:

Luke B, Archie, Lola, Laura, William, Ruby DT, Jayden, Matthew, Ava & Fifi.
14th Nov 2014:
Daisey, Joshua, Jasmine, Fletcher, Archie, Drew, Adam, Martha, Arianna, Lily-Mae, Charlotte S, Tia, Nina & Evan.

Sporting events for the coming term are listed below. Please note that after school matches will commence at 3.15pm unless otherwise specified. Football fixtures are noted (f), netball (n) or both football and netball (b). The home team is always listed first.

24th Sept 2014  Little Hallingbury 1 v St Marys HBO 14 (n)
30th Sept 2014  Stansted St Marys 1 v St Marys HBO 18 (n)
13th Oct 2014    St Marys HBO v Bentfield (n) – cancelled
14th Oct 2014    Howe Green 10 v St Marys HBO 4 (n)
16th Oct 2014    Football Tournament - Semi finalists – Well done!
20th Oct 2014    St Marys HBO 11 v Manuden 9 (n)
 4th Nov 2014    St Marys HBO v Birchanger (n)

  7th Nov 2014    Cross Country Event, Forest Hall School 
                            Yrs 3-6 - Well done to all who took part!
10th Nov 2014  St Mary’s HBO 14 v Henham 1 (n)

27th Jan 2015    Henham v St Marys HBO (n)
4th Feb 2015    St Marys HBO v Little Hallingbury (n)
10th Feb 2015    St Marys HBO v St Marys HBO (n)

  3rd Mar 2015    St Marys HBO v Howe Green (n)
9th Mar 2015    Manuden v St Marys HBO (n)
17th Mar 2015    Birchanger v St Marys HBO (n)