Woodpecker Class

Island Adventures
We hope that you enjoyed the Island making with the children. Here are some photos showing what amazing islands the children brought in:
Island Adventures


2018/2019 Curriculum Overviews

Overview Spring Term 2019 - Islands, Katie Morag

Overview Spring Term 2019 – Islands, Katie Morag

Autumn Term: Pets

2017/2018 Curriculum Overviews

Summer: Growing

Spring Term: Paddingtons adventures

Autumn Term: Once upon a time..

2016/2017 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: I do like to be beside the seaside

Spring Term: Castles and dragons

Autumn Term: We are Superheroes

2015/2016 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: Its a jungle out there

Spring Term: Is anybody out there?

Autumn Term 2: Puppet on a string

Autumn Term 1: Dream a little dream

2014/2015 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: The Great Fire of London

Spring Term: Lets go exploring!

Autumn Term 2: Just Imagine

Autumn Term 1: Seasons in Sherwood 

2013/2014 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: Castle capers!

Spring Term: Flower Power

Autumn Term 2: Jungle Book

Autumn Term 1: Superheroes

2012/2013 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term 2: A Sailor went to Sea overview

Summer Term 1: Alive and Kicking topic web

Spring Term: Whatever Next topic web

Autumn Term 2: Down the rabbit hole Early Years

Autumn Tem 1: Knock knock whos there