Wren Class

2018/2019 Curriculum Overviews

Overview Spring Term - Macbeth

Overview Spring Term – Macbeth

Autumn Term 2: A time to remember

Autumn Term: Hide and Seek

2017/2018 Curriculum Overviews

Summer: Beowulf

Spring Term: It’s all Greek to me!

Autumn Term: Animal, vegetable or mineral

2016/2017 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: Phantastic Pharoahs

Spring Term: He’s got the whole World…

Autumn Term 2: Roguish villains

Autumn Term 1:Marvellous Mixtures


2015/2016 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term 2: Its all Greek to me!

Summer Term 1: Earth wind fire

Spring Term: Britian’s ‘Green & pleasant land’

Autumn Term 2: Girls, boys and their toys

Autumn Term 1: Where in the world

2014/2015 Archived Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term 2: Rocks, paper….spear!

Summer Term 1: What goes in must come out….

Spring Term 2: The Algorithm of life

Spring Term 1: What a tangled web…

Autumn Term 2: Over the misty mountains

Autumn Term 1: Marvellous Mixtures


2013/2014 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: A rose by any other name..

Spring Term: To infinity and beyond

Autumn Term 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Autumn Term 1: We will rock you!

2012/2013 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: It’s electrifying

Spring Term: Phascinating Pharoahs

Autumn Term 2: Who on earth is Alice?

Autumn Term 1: A hole in the ground