Robin Class


2018/2019 Curriculum Overviews

Overview Spring Term - Macbeth

Overview Spring Term – Macbeth

Autumn Term 2: A time to remember

Autumn Term: Hide and Seek

2017/2018 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: Changes over time

Spring Term: Paddingtons Adventures

Autumn Term: far far away

2016/2017 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: I like to be beside the beach

Spring Term: Castles & dragons

Autumn Term: What is your superpower?

2015/2016 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: It’s a jungle out there!

Spring Term: Is anybody out there?

Autumn Term 2: Puppet on a string

Autumn Term 1: Dream a little dream


2014/2015 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term: The Great Fire of London

Spring Term: The Land of Neverbelieve

Autumn Term 2: Bewitching beasts and magical monsters

Autumn Term 1: Seasons in Sherwood


2013/2014 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term:  Castles through the Ages Class 2

Spring Term: A plant’s life

Autumn Term 2: Deep, deep in the Jungle

Autumn Term 1: Superheroes

2012/2013 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term 2: A Sailor went to Sea Summer Class 2 overview

Summer Term 1: Alive & Kicking Class 2

Spring Term: Whatever next?

Autumn Term 2: Down the Rabbit Hole Class 2

Autumn Tem 1: Animal Antics